About me

My name is Karol Kuczmarski and I’m a software engineer located in Zürich, Switzerland.

I am (or was) involved in several domains of software engineering, including web development, cloud computing, mobile applications, server-side programming and game development. This means using a fair share of different programming languages, with Python, C++ and JavaScript being my favorites.


On this little blog I’m mostly going to publish stuff from quite broad range of programming topics, mostly related (but not limited to) my day-to-day coding endeavors with web, cloud & mobile development. As I’m kind of programming language junkie (I love them all!), you can also expect a lot of discussion about their distinct features and similarities, and how they fare in particular development tasks.

Occasionally, I may look at the art of writing code in more abstract way, seeking patterns and techniques that may allow to do it better. While this often means adhering to well-established rules, I suspect that attaining mastery sometimes requires to break them. From time to time, I’m looking at this meta-level to see how we can improve our skills as programmers in such general way.

Finally, I might use some space for some personal thoughts, musings and experiences. Although not overly technical, those usually tend be somehow related to IT anyway. Guess that’s what you get for being a geek! :)

In any case, anything I post there reflects only my private opinion on the matters involved.


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