AlteString was my first program in C#. Intended mostly as an experiment to try out some of the language features, it happened to grow a bit beyond expectations.

AlteString (screen)

Program is capable of performing specific “transformations” on given text. Most of them are rather amusing, incluidng:

  • changing the text to be m0r3 h4xx0r15h
  • case-randomization (aka pOkeMoNIzAtiOn)
  • sfhfunilg lteerts idnise wrdos, wichh – as sowhn by creittan sduties – deson’t rlaley drcseeae reaaibtlidy of the text :)

There is at least one actually useful functionality here: ROT13 encoding, which is sometimes used in Usenet and some other contexts.

File: AlteString  AlteString (53.6 KiB, 2,661 downloads)


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