The Year Gone By

2012-12-31 17:17

Times are tough. Everyone needs to spend most of their time scavenging food, warding off zombies and searching for survivors, so I’ll be brief with my obligatory, almost-traditional new year’s summary post.

The life

This will be in stark contrast with how freaking long this year has been for me, too. Long and very eventful, especially in the travel, relocation and job department. Suffice it to say, I switched countries more than once: from Poland to Netherlands, and then directly to Switzerland. Even with (supposedly) free movement of people in and around EU, this is still quite a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

When it comes to work, I discovered that I’m not actually very fond of squeezing UI and logic into tiny pocket devices. Distributed, server-side systems are turned out to be much more interesting and important to me, so I adjusted my job choices accordingly. And I like it a lot, especially since I started working in that hot new Internet startup ;)

The blog

Over the year, I’ve been trying to keep up with posting interesting stuff on regular basis. Although sometimes reality got in the way, I think I managed to publish at least a few nice pieces. I’m especially satisfied with:

End of 2012 also marks the period of (little over) a year when I’m writing this blog in English. As I’ve expected, making the language switch didn’t really have a negative impact on readership numbers.

However, I’m still getting occasional complaints about this very move, which is rather astonishing at this point. Nevertheless, I’ve spent some time thinking about this issue, the ways to reach out to non-international audience. Not promising anything at this point, but maybe in 2013 there will be something for you too :)

In meantime, enjoy the new year!

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  1. Fan No 2479:
    January 4th, 2013 o 13:03

    Could you write sth more about your career? Maybe in separate post. I find it very interesting since I’m fan of your blog.

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