Hello There!

2011-12-08 17:22

While saying ‘Hello!’ is entirely appropriate here, it is obviously not my first post on this blog. Not by a long shot: there are exactly 555 others that preceed this one, scattered across the timeframe of more than four years. They just happen to be written in slightly less widespread language and therefore reaching a significantly smaller audience. But even though technically I’m nowhere near a newbie when it comes to devblogging, I kinda feel like one now, after deciding to make a switch to English. Therefore it seems like a good idea to warmly greet everyone reading this.

So… hello there!

If it was truly an opening, I’d proceed to outline the purpose of this blog, explain what type of posts you can expect here and what subjects I’m planning to cover on (hopefully) regular basis. But although it is “just” a major checkpoint, it seems like a good idea to have this kind of introduction anyway. Not only for any newcomers that might have accidentally strolled around ;)

I called it a dev blog, and for good reason. Programming or coding or writing software – however you name it, that’s what I’m mostly going to cover here. More often than not, it will be related to my own experiences with diverse set of technologies, libraries, tools, frameworks and – most importantly – languages. The emphasis is intentional, because I’m quite a fan of programming languages in general: their semantics, unique features, the way they organize the structure of code written in them, and how they compare to each other. Therefore you can expect to see such topics being covered here; hopefully they won’t incite too much flames :)

Besides purely technical stuff, I will sometimes attempt to look at slightly bigger picture, going up to the “meta-level” of programming art. This includes any practice which aims to strengthen positive traits of one’s code: readability, flexibility, efficiency, etc. I might also ponder less explored (and usually more vague) topics, such as the cognitive process of turning ideas into algorithms, structures and actual code – but usually without going too far on the abstract side.

Of course I won’t entirely avoid posts that cannot be easily put into those two buckets. But even though they might be somewhat off-topic, I have a feeling they will be mostly related to IT anyway. What’s really interesting besides that, anyway? ;-)

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5 comments for post “Hello There!”.
  1. Xevaquor:
    December 8th, 2011 o 19:23

    I expected you would use more simplified English, but fortunately I can understand you without bigger difficult ;) I hope you will write in English as freely as you had written in Polish.

  2. Bogumil Wiatrowski:
    December 8th, 2011 o 20:35

    English bloggers community welcomes you! ;)

  3. fir:
    March 15th, 2012 o 18:38

    osrarnio czytam notki z tego bloga i o ile te polskie sa fenomenalne to te po angielsku nie podobaja mi sie – zachecam do wrocenia do polskiego – ew pisac po polsku i tlumaczyc na angielski (koszt angielskiego >> koszt polskiego => mozna uzupellnic straty malym kosztem)

  4. Krzysiek81:
    August 12th, 2013 o 17:51

    Angielski znam lepiej z czytania niż z pisania. Przeczytałem może 2 wpisy do bloga po polsku i jeden po angielsku. Wygląda na to, że angielski nadaje więcej ciepła i humoru niż język polski. Tak trzymac i życzę kolejnych odważnych decyzji.

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